6 Days of Halloween Scavenger Hunts, Games, Instructions and Bible Study!

What a name! I was really struggling and being indecisive on this product! There is just so much inclosed and I wanted to get it ALL OUT THERE!!! Moving on…

My family has been adapting this cute advent calendar for Halloween for years. I think I’ve got it perfectly easy for me and fun for the family! I just knew it would take FOREVER to create for others. Finally, the print was faded enough and the lamination peeling apart last year. I knew it was time!

The history for this fun activity:
At first I was trying to find a cute fun way to teach good from Halloween characters. Now, it has become an expected and looked for tradition every October that I sneak good lesson into! 6 ish ( 🙂 ) days before Halloween or 6 days before you want to do a Halloween dinner, start these daily scavenger hunts. I’ve created the clues and instructions for everything! Just print this out and follow the instructions. It’s so easy and fun! I’m even included a honor your father and mother day :)!!! Enjoy!