I have received some hard and great questions since starting my website!  I can only believe that others have the same questions.  Have you ever said to yourself, “I don’t have time to be mindful,” or “Mindfulness isn’t enough!”  “What’s the need for spirituality,” is a common one too.  And, although I believe everyone creates their own reality, and I don’t have ALL the answers; here is why I’m creating, publishing and sharing my work:

1.) What is a mindful home?

I love all the answers I got on Instagram for this question!  Here are some of the adjectives and phrases others stated, “intentional, safe, fun & crazy, meaningful, helping others see their capabilities & deliberate, long hugs (love).”

Having a mindful home is the opposite of perfection.  It’s being present, passionate & purposeful with actions, then creating an environment that reflects that.  It’s a constant work in progress and shows your strength and endurance.  Creating a mindful home is thankless but so rewarding.

2.) “I don’t have time to be mindful!”

“I don’t have time to go to the bathroom, let alone do mindfulness.  I have real work to be doing!” “I don’t even have time to open my shampoo bottle, when would I have time for mindfulness and self care?”

Guess who I’m quoting?  Me!  I said that & my husband still says it! But there is something to, experiencing life, instead of just putting your head down and charging through priorities.  Think, what are your priorities in life and do they reflect your goals?  Even if this is how you want to choose to live and feel loved, you can train your brain to slow down while your body and time speeds up.  Mindfulness is helpful and healing to everyone in every phase of life!

When I said the above phrase, I was missing what mindfulness is.  It’s not taking a long bath, meditating in a serene and peaceful environment or doing yoga for an hour a day!  Mindfulness is re-training the brain to be healthy and can be done while working and in a crazy environment!

I was talking to a friend in a loud shopping center.  She all the sudden stopped and said, “give me a minute!  I need to find some peace and think for awhile.”  I thought nothing of it as we continued on our way and conversation 30 seconds later.  But now, that means so much to me!  It is a talent to distance yourself from your surroundings and find your way peacefully through anything life throws your way.  Mindfulness is creating and training your mind.  It can be done at anytime!

3.) What if I don’t like silence or to be alone dealing with my thoughts?

If you are struggling to connect with others, the problem is most likely because you aren’t connecting with yourself.  You have created walls and are ignoring the hurt.  The first sign of running is not wanting to stop and feel silence and your thoughts.  It forces you to “deal with it,” and that hurts and takes FOREVER!

Stopping to be mindful doesn’t mean you need to meditate (on one side of the spectrum) or be productive (on the other side of the spectrum).  It means you are focused on your thoughts, guiding them and producing health.

I dare you to try!  Try to have silence.  To only let your brain go where you want it to go, in a positive, healthy direction.  Then don’t flaunt your mindfulness time!  This isn’t for other people, it’s for you!

A silent mind is the only way to heal.  Quiet waters are the only way we are able to see our true reflection.  Training your brain chatter, means to not only stop, but to support yourself positively.  That’s when you will start to see change and enjoy mindfulness.

4.) Mindfulness isn’t enough!

Dig deeper!  Numbing pain and hiding our problems and shame, is the wrong direction.  Can you balance your approach to life by yourself?  Remove the emotions from the conditions?  This is called equanimity.  It’s the foundation for healing insecurities in our world, that is constantly telling us we are alone and not enough.

Dive deeper in being more balanced and changing your perspective, then lean hard into your pain, problems and shame!  You got this!

5.) What’s the need for spirituality?

Like I said earlier, I believe we all live in the reality we create.  But I do believe there is truth separate from our reality.  Don’t be afraid to make the decision: Do I need spirituality and is there truth separate from our reality?

Here is what I’ve found to be true: whether there is a God or not, spirituality, has brought me perspective, meaning & purpose in a world that is telling me I’m not enough and all alone.  Being physically, emotionally and mentally healthy wasn’t enough for me.  It was when I became spiritually healthy, that I found peace.  It answered the who (perspective), why (meaning) and how (purpose) questions that ended up giving me strong connections to my community, family and self.  That’s the benefit I would get even if there wasn’t such thing as a God and I still followed my religion.

But I do believe there is a truth and a God who loves me.  I don’t have all the answers, but I have enough to proceed in faith.  Here is what I know:

I know the Savior is with me even if I am numb from emotions (anxiety or depression). I have learned how to know His will and I’m strong enough to do it (cancer survivor).  I know I don’t know everything, but my testimony of the main principles of the gospel are strong.  My Heavenly Father bears me up with love and shows me truth, slowly (still waiting for some answers).  Jesus knows what I’m going through and will extend a merciful hand of understanding in the end. I feel the closest to the Holy Ghost, lately.  There have been many times of drought, but nearly every time I cry out in agony, he responds with peace or provision or perspective.  He never removes my problems.  And it’s in those moments of crying out, that have built my foundation of more than faith, but knowledge.  Knowledge of who I am, to what end and for what purpose.  I bear my powerful testimony that my Savior, Heavenly Father and the Spirit loves me.  This is my truth and hope and knowledge….my testimony I can’t deny.

My favorite part about living in the south is that the first question you get is, “Where is your church home?”  They don’t care where it is, they just love supporting anyone in their spiritual quest.  I’ve never been made fun of for my beliefs (which can be very different sometimes) and I have to express my gratitude for the opportunity to choose what I believe & want as my reality and, to be in an environment & culture that breads expectance of all beliefs.  It’s been life changing!  And I feel the same way: any spiritual journey is great!  Start small, but start!  Spiritual growth has brought me so much peace and has influenced the majority of my printables.  Although I try to stay Christian based, sometimes my specific church shines through!  So, come and find what works for you, in my Mindful Home shop!