Digital Copy “You Be You” Affirmation and Value Card Game

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This game gives your child confidence, comfort and the tools they need to know that they are “perfect just as they are” in a fun and applicable way.  There are 25 beautifully illustrated (@ldzstudios) affirmation value cards each with it’s own personal lesson of a prompt, definition and challenge in the instructions booklet.  There are six different ways suggested to play the game that are described in the lesson plan booklet.  It’s easy and can be played in 5 minutes or a lengthy daily lesson with your child.

You are downloading the quality PDF copy with cute marks in both the cards and the instruction booklet so that you can get them printed professionally.  If you would like them printed on premium cardstock with a protective film to cover the printing and the booklet put together and stapled correctly, then you can pay for the physical copy that will be shipped to you.  Find the physical copy by looking for the same title in my shop but without the words “digital copy” in the title.  You will be able to print and save this game for 350 days unlimited.



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