Needs vs Wants Budgeting Printable


I typed up this printable for our family night the other night and it was a huge hit so I though I’d share. I looked up our last month’s spending and wrote down a price next to each bill. Everyone guessed and it was hilarious to see what the kids said. It was good for them to get a grip on exactly how much is spent each month on things they don’t even think about. Then we went through the list to determine and understand needs vs wants. Then I had them go to their room and write down needs and wants in their room. Finally you can end with the fun scavenger hunt.  Split up into two teams and race to find needs and wants.

This is an EDITABLE word document download with a PDF, so make it your own with the bills and worksheet items! The second page goes over monthly budgeting and has a challenge to find something to “use up, wear out, or do without” which is my husbands motto!


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