Emergency Preparedness Packet – Red File


I looked and looked and couldn’t find a complete digital download of everything I wanted. So I created one and will give you a few suggestions of other downloads as well. I wanted to make it available to mom’s out there for a cheap price. I put hours into this and hope it helps someone else.
When I got married someone gave me a red file and told me to keep all my important information in it to be able to grab and go if I ever needed it. It has evolved into the following that i have made into a printable for you:
-Important papers download (mindfulhome.net)
-Child Safety ID cards (mindfulhome.net)
-FHE scavenger hunt to identify safety features and procedures in the house from the Smiths (smithest1989@hotmail.com)
-Editable Family Night lesson plan (mindfulhome.net)
-Editable 72 hour checklist that I’ve loved from food storage and beyond (compiled from my old church)
-30 days of food storage recipes (compiled from my old church)
-guide to creating an emergency file and kit that will last you 3 months in 3 months (given out from my old church)

If you are looking for a complete package, this is it.  You can then pick and choose what you want to do and discard what is overwhelming.  My family found it all really helpful and have been working on it for years.



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