Dealing with Grief/Feelings Devotional – Family


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This last year our family went through something hard. I looked everywhere for what I wanted and couldn’t find it so I created this little devotional that we did a few times. I was great for validation, acknowledgement, learning and communication. There are multiple games and prompts. Each activity could be it’s own lesson and used in multiple ways. It includes:
*Raindrop Pictures & Word Feeling Recognition
*Printable Quote on Recovery Suggestions
*M&M Feelings Discussion Game
*Cloud of Control Game to recognize things you can and can’t control

Again, this really helped our family get through something hard and become prepared for another trial down the road. This can be adapted to all ages.  And because I feel that this lesson is so important I want to make sure that it is free for those who need it like we did.  Please leave me a review or message me if this helped your family in any way!



1 review for Dealing with Grief/Feelings Devotional – Family

  1. Kristi

    This looks so helpful and well thought out! Thank you for making it available.

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