Chore Chart Salary System


With different age groups and chore difficulty we were struggling to find a chore system out there that worked for us. So I developed this chore system based on Salary. We timed each chore the kids did and color-coded the chores so that the kids could quickly find the length of chore they wanted to finish in an hour. We pay per hour now and it has eliminated all arguing and stress. Print off the list of chores (there are blanks at the end), then back them to a color based on the time. I included our master copy of each chore color coded and how long it took us if you don’t want to do it yourself. So All the 5 minutes chores I back to green paper, all the 10 minute chores are blue and then I laminated the chores and put it in an envelope for them to grab and go. When they are finished with a chores they have an envelope with their name on it that it goes in. I pay when they have finished an hour of chores in their envelope. You can easily hang up chores through out the week that need done as well and the kids can check for a chore after school everday.

I hope you enjoy this download as much as we have!  Please be respectful of the editable download and only use if for your own household.  Thanks!



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