50 Menus: Menus 1-20


I have spent years and years creating my top 50 menus that I rotate annually throughout the year to eliminate meal planning headaches.  These menus keep me organized and create variety.  I have typed them up and I am selling them.  Each menu provides 3 recipes that pair well together.  I am constantly adding to this product and hope to someday have all 50 menus typed up for download.  Right now this download includes 20 menus; which means there is a total of 60 recipes right now.  I have different cuisines and categories from around the world that have been tested by my picky kids and husband.  They include: Mexican, Italian, Green, American, Indian, Holiday, Soups, Salads, Simple, Clean, etc.  You can try 1 or 2 or all 3 recipes for you family within the menu.  I have printed off my menus and put them in a binder and rotate through each menu (choosing which recipes I want within the menu for that day.). with a left over day and a try new recipe day in the my week.  I hope this helps you as much as it has revolutionized my cooking!  Enjoy!




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