24 Days Christmas Advent Printable – Book of Mormon Version


I have been working on this for years!  My purpose was to have an extremely low maintenance way to add Christ into culture.  I wanted my kids to see the fun aspects of Christmas and remember the religious part of it.  So, for 24 days you go through 24 items of Christmas (stockings, Santa, presents, lights, etc.) and talk about what they could represent spiritually.  I’ve done hours of research in cultures around the world to give you century old tales, history, biblical information and insights into the nativity.  Each day has scriptures written out, beautiful clip art for visuals, a suggested classic children’s story, insights and a challenge or question to ponder.  These cards are also inline with the Light of the World campaign and it’s scripture.

I uploaded two forms.  One is large – a half page card you print.  The other is small – tiny cards with the clip art on the back.

Finally, I attached matching December activity list for suggestions to tie into your days.

I do charge a small, small fee on this because of the amount of work that went into it!


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