I think the reason it took me so long to turn to mindfulness for healing and organizing is because I didn’t know where to start.  I created this for me and it was my first EVER printable for Mindful Home!  It helps you start some good healthy habits in a simple format that can easily be added to or taken away for your time constraints.  Sometimes I have an hour for this and need an hour with guided meditation from my apple music and sometimes I run through this laminated worksheet on the back porch in 5 minutes before I dive more purposefully into my day.

This is my #1 most downloaded worksheet which tells me I’m not alone in thinking this is needed and wanted!  Give it a try!  And you can see what my morning routine looks like on my Instagram account: @mindful_home_

I can tell a HUGE differences in my days when I start them off right with my Morning Mindfulness Routine.  You can print this bad boy for FREE here!

Enjoy and if you share this worksheet on social media, tag me and I’d love to give you a freebie from the shop!