I wanted a clean modern Valentine’s for my kids this year and they really wanted the lava Hershey Kisses as the treat.  Then I had a friend ask for me to design something for their Valentine’s Luau and it all just came together!  I have 2 different Valentine’s options in this download.  A menu with cheap, healthy and quick recipes for a family dinner and a fun game to play after.  The Huli Huli Heart Chicken recipe was a hit. (Recipe from my aunt Judy Shaw:) )

For the game: Print off a few pages of the game and have everyone fill out random What if statements in the what if boxes.  Then have them fill out the then statements that unrelated to the what if statements they just filled out.  Put the what if statements in a bowl and the then statements in a bowl.  Go around the room and have each person grab and read a what if statement and grab a then statement and read it.

Finally, I have a blank lava Valentine’s that doesn’t have the lava on it.  You can put the kid’s thumb prints instead of the lava and send it as a love note to grandparents, family, neighbors or friends!

Click HERE for the free download!