Two things first.  One, this post is bias to Mormon’s (who are trying to change their name to Church of Jesus Christ :) ) so I’m sorry if this doesn’t apply.  I have so many non-bias products in my shop but this one was a top download and I decided to share it!

Second, I’m posting this right now because General Conference is the first weekend of April and October.  So, time is ticking and I wanted to make sure that I got this post up quickly for those that want the download.  It is free and in my shop!  There are 4 boards and my kids LOVE them!

At the bottom there is a place for the secret word.  This tradition started by my cousin who gives their kids 20$ if the secret word is said in conference.  For my kids we do a personal easy word for 1$ and then a family hard word (like unicorn:) for 5$ and everyone gets it if it is said!

Now you know what the secret word means and now your kids will listen and love you!  Your welcome!

Anyways, everyone has their own versions of this but I wanted one that included the secret word and had pictures for younger kids so they can follow along.  I hope you enjoy it!  Head over to the shop for the download.