For some reason I had a hard time developing my affirmations. It felt weird and awkward saying things I didn’t believe and my creativity was stunted! I finally just copied someone else’s until I could figure out a personal plan for me!  I think it is because I didn’t even know what affirmations were!  I’ve been wanting to do this download to help others for months, enter in the holidays and I’m just uploading this FREE download to my shop.  What I wanted to do is to  break it down for you: what is affirmations, how do I develop affirmations and when do I use them?  Then I wrote down my top 150 favorite affirmations by subject so you can copy any you would like!

It has been so inspiring to see all the different ways you have already used this download.  I got messages about book clubs using it, youth and church group, and family nights.  I’m loving all the tags, keep it up!

For January, I’m focusing on the affirmations and confidence.  I wanted to bring it home even more with a social media confidence challenge.  For 10 days I’m posting daily challenges and affirmations!  I’d love for you to screen shot them and join in!!! You can find it @mindful_home_ on Instagram.

I also wanted a FREE hard copy available to adults and youth that might want to do this later.  So it’s up in my shop as well!

This download includes 10 images set to phone size with daily challenges and affirmations to help you get out of your comfort zone and increase your confidence!