We had a pretty traumatic winter with our caboose a year or two ago.  It took our whole family for an emotional spin.  Each member of the family dealt with it in a totally different way.  When the social worker came into our hospital room, I quickly tuned out what she was saying and worried about Jaxon.  Then she asked me a question that jolted me back to the conversation, “Have you helped your kids deal with the grief?”

I thought about her inquiry and quickly realized that I had been so focused on my son that I hadn’t thought of the others.  Once things had calmed down and we were home, I quickly got online to see what I could find for kids dealing with grief.  I couldn’t find a thing!!  I was floored at how old the graphics were if any.  So I created this devotional.  I catered it to each child and had a good one on one lesson with them about dealing with grief.  Immediately after this we started to finally see progress in our kids processing and quickly started seeing progress on all fronts.  This took me hours to build because I knew exactly what I wanted to do and we need it to be in depth.  Normally I would charge for this download but it is so important to me that I want anyone to benefit from it!  Please head over to my shop if you are at all trying to help your kids process and communicate feelings.  And here is to no more hospitals in the near future!!!