I could not be more excited to release these!  I have spent years and years perfecting this for my little family.  I’ve done hours of research on traditions in countries around the world, historical data on these traditions, scriptures and found the best clip art.

My purpose in all this was that I wanted my kids to participate in all the fun of Christmas but think deeper about it with a symbol and meaning.  I’ve attached a spiritual side to the fun of Christmas and have backed it up with scriptures, insights, a challenge and visually appealing designs.

I’ve also created many, many versions to cater to needs.  Here is what is available to you in my shop:

Christmas Advent Symbols – Bible version

Christmas Advent Symbols – Book of Mormon version

Christmas Advent Symbols – Editable book version

I am also very excited to say that I’ve created an Amazon page (CLICK HERE) so that you can quickly scroll through the books and find any that you might want to add to your collection.  There are classic children’s books that we have been reading for years and sometimes, generations. At our house, Elfy brings a new Christmas book each year on Dec. 1st!